Founder & CEO

Eric Shahid was born with a rare condition that lead to him being labeled as developmentally disabled.  With this label came many limitations.  Eric was told that he would never go to college, drive, have a career and much more.  Through the support and advocacy of family, friends, and his community Eric has been able to accomplish all of these things and more!  

Eric is a  Certified Direct Support Professional and graduate of Texas A&M University’s Paths Program.  As CEO, his mission is to support people who feel hopeless and lost because of their disabilities.  The Shahid Center for Ability and Development has partnered a number of community agencies to bring education, resources, and implementable plans to people with developmental and physical disabilities along with their family members and advocates.    











Kami Shahid is a spirited entrepreneur, designer, and disABILITIES advocate.  In addition to being co-founder of The Shahid Center for Ability and Development, she is also founder and CEO of iDesign, Kamelia Group, LLC and Kamelia Kares Foundation, Inc.  

Kami is one of Eric’s biggest cheerleaders and advocates.  In addition to helping her brother launch and operate a successful business, Kami desires to help him and people like him live without limits and experience life the way they desire vs.  what society says is possible.  “Eric has taught me that there are literally NO LIMITS!!  We focus on bringing awareness of possibilities to people with disABILITIES.  However, limited thinking is a condition that can plague anyone.  Through our work, we hope to inspire ALL people to live big, limitless lives.”



Purpose Coach

Adrienne Rowe is a shining example of her name “multi-talented”.  As a highly sought after motivational speaker and Purpose Coach, Adrienne has had the privilege and honor of speaking to audiences around the world.  Her unique and innovative style captures the hearts of audiences as she transcends generational, racial and socio-economic boundaries.  “P. Rowe” as everyone affectionately calls her is ultimately known for her love for people, a compassion for the lost, and a passion for helping others find and fulfill their God-given purpose. 

Her entrepreneurial capacity and service has exposed her to a wide range of business opportunities and leadership.  Coach Rowe is the President and CEO of Armor Gear.  In 2011, she founded Purpose with a Passion LLC (PWP), a platform designed to motivate and empower others to discover their purpose through coaching, seminars, artistic demonstration, and inspirational teachings.  In previous years, Adrienne was accepted into an elite group within the coaching world, “Life Success”, in which she was bestowed the title of “Thinking Into Results Facilitator”.  Her motto is: “Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get it!”  Coach Rowe currently lives in the Greater Houston area where she coaches  and mentors professional athletes, performing artists, entrepreneurs, special needs individuals and advocates, and more.

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